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How Much Psi Do I Need In A Pressure Washer?

When you shop for a pressure washer the shopkeeper first asks about the amount of pressure you will need in your pressure washer. The pressure that is disbursed by the pressure washer is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch) and the range of PSI varies depending on the surfaces you want to clean. For example, the pressure washer requires less pressure to clean dust and road salt on your vehicle than it would require cleaning stubborn oil stains in the garage. Have a look at http://mamaa.org/ to learn about the different surface the pressure washers can clean.

When buying pressure washer another important aspect to consider is the GPM (Gallons Per Minute) of the machine which most of the buyers give less importance. This measures how much water your pressure washer will dispense per minute. If it is able to dispense more water the quicker and effective will be the cleaning job.

To buy the right pressure washer you will have to know the amount of pressure you require to clean the surfaces. If you feel that your cleaning job will not require above 2000 PSI then buying a higher PSI range is not necessary which will also save you cost. Though the extra power will help you clean effectively when you do not need it why you have to pay unnecessarily. The below information table will help you know the amount of pressure you need for cleaning different surfaces or materials:

PSI required for application 1500 PSI 2600 PSI 3000 PSI 4000 PSI
Bikes and scooters Yes Yes Yes Yes
BBQ grills Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vehicles Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wooden fence   Yes Yes Yes
Decks and Docks   Yes Yes Yes
Home siding     Yes Yes
Boats and ATVs     Yes Yes
Asphalt driveway     Yes Yes
Graffiti and paint stripping       Yes
Commercial equipment       Yes


Likewise, you will also have to know about the GPM range of machines as pressure washers let you combine high pressure and high volume of water to provide effective cleaning.